Department of Labor Fitness Asssociation 

The Fitness Center will be closed until further notice.


We understand the benefit of health and mental well-being for all of us, now more than ever. DOLFA has taken steps to prevent COVID-19 from contaminating the fitness center. To support our fitness members, we will be providing fitness tips or ideas on our Instagram and website to stay fit and healthy during your flexible telework schedule.



Please contact for further information.



Hours of Operation

Mon - Thurs  

6am - 7pm


6am - 6:30pm

Locker Rooms are closed DAILY from

10am -10:30am for cleaning

Where Fitness is a "Labor of Love"

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US Department of Labor Fitness Association
 The DOL Fitness Center has been in operation since 1988 under the management of the Non-Profit organization "The Department of Labor Fitness Association" (DOLFA).
The Fitness Director, Assistant Fitness Director and Fitness Specialist are overseen by a Board of Directors, whom are elected Fitness Center members  - voted yearly by other Fitness Center members. 
The DOL Fitness Center is one of the very few agencies that allow not only DOL Employees and DOL Contractors to join the Fitness Center, but also other federal employees, DC Government Employees, and Metropolitan Police Officers as well.  
Please see staff for rates.
* membership rates may vary